Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Value of Cleaning Up!

Are you selling? Are you just going to have your Realtor "stick a sign in the ground"? Well hold on pardner... Ya gotta have heard that "'round these parts stagin' is the deal".

Seriously if you are remotely familiar with real estate you've heard that buzzword: STAGING. And really what it means is clean it up! Freshen it up! Make it shine. Package it!

As a full time professional Realtor, we see it all the time. We take buyers into a home and it's INCREDIBLE how sloppy, dark and dinghy the place is! Amzing turn off for any buyer!

Do you think Bloomingdale's would just throw the clothes on the window floor in downtown NYC to entice buyers to come in? Why do you think they pay the window dressers so much money to do what they do?

You need to make your place shine! Most of what needs to be done is very inexpensive. And don't start thinking that your asking price is so low that it's not worth it! No matter the price, it should be cleaned up.

Loose door handle? Fix it! Broken pane of glass? Fix it! Leaky faucet? Fix it! Drawer won't close all the way? Fix it! One of the carriage lights is out? Replace it! Carpet looks old and dirty? At least have it shampooed.

We're coming into the busy real estate season...

Clean up!