Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Help me, PLEASE

I'm looking for your help here. I am two people.

I am a Realtor who makes a living when people buy and sell homes.

I am a thinking and rational adult who pays taxes.

The government... locally and nationally seem to feel that the public needs an "incentive" to go out and buy houses. So, in their collective infinite wisdom, they offer tax breaks and even MONEY back... if you will go out and buy a house.

Yeah! I make money because I help people to buy and sell houses!

Oh no! I lose money because I am a taxpayer, who's taxes keep going through the roof and it's those very taxes that are funding these "incentives".

So how should I feel about this? Happy? Frustrated?

Listen, I am all for anyone being able to buy a home. And just like anything else in life, you should probably not buy something you cannot afford. Simple rule right?

Well, these incentives seem to be targeted at persons that have shown a history of not being able to manage their money... more specifically, not being able to figure out how to save enough money to buy a house. This saving thing involves something that most Americans do not want to do anymore.... WAIT. We want it all and we want it NOW. And our governments agree. We should ALL have it now. "Oh, you haven't saved enough money? Here... you can borrow it from us... or a bank that WE have loaned money to."

Still, I feed my family by selling real estate. So if the government or some other entity wants to throw out a program or embark on a project that moves people to buy or sell houses... I should be happy.

Yes? No?

Help me! I'm two people!

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