Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Now, more than ever !

Now more than ever you need to tighten up your position when you are selling your home. There is too much information out there. Yup! I said "too much". Now, you might be thinking that you can never get too much information. Maybe I should clarify here and say "too much UNRELIABLE information"...

Just the other morning I listened to this "real estate mogul" telling everyone houses were flying off the market! And quoting statistics that need a little more than just a quick quip or bumper sticker analysis.

What am I getting at? Now, more than ever, you need a professional to give you the true picture of what is happening in YOUR market. A phrase that is quickly getting old, but is true: "Real estate is local". And your real estate agent had better understand the local market! If you suspect he or she doesn't, it might be time to look for another professional. Someone who is paying attention, someone who has the resources, someone who you can trust to keep up on YOUR market.

Just because you read on some Internet site that a house like yours in Valley Falls is work $XXXXXXXXXX doesn't mean it really is. Heck, I went to one of those sites and checked out my own house and it was ridiculously overvalued by their analysis.... In fact that was what got me thinking about this blog. That and the talking head telling America what was going on in the real estate world as if it were all one community.

So, now, more than ever: Get together with a real estate professional that you know... that is serious about the business... that has pride in his/her profession. And listen to them. They know.

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