Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What Do You Want ?

What is it you REALLY want from your agent ? You want them to sell the house, right? Or find you the best deal there is around, as the case may be! Right?

Now, if you think for one moment your agent is not all about that, then switch. But, who do you switch to? Let's face it, we all have good days and bad days! There are days when I feel like my clients have really gotten EVERYthing from me. And there are days when I maybe could've done more...

So I'm not suggesting that your agent get fired because one day he or she didn't call you back in less than ten minutes.

But, here is what I think you should expect. Your agent should use all the resources available to them. RealtyUSA agents have fantastic marketing department that can design and publish top notch pieces and campaigns. The Internet and web offer countless opportunities to get your property promoted, not to mention there is an incredible database of homes for you as a buyer! Automatic emailing should be the norm when you're looking for a home. How about single property websites... try this one: www.31keeler.info

How about Facebook? How about Linkedin ? Is your agent utilizing all the servers such as Trulia, Yahoo!, MSN.com ,etc.

Here's a sample of some work done by one of my agents here in Loudonville, New York :


He's putting this up in places like YouTube.. Facebook, Google, etc. Your agent can do this sort of thing, but the next step is understanding how to use keywords and methods that will garner the most views possible!

There are many services available to assist real estate agents in helping to promote their listings (read: YOUR house)... These opportunities also are there to help agents find properties for their clients!

So what do you want from your agent? You want them to understand today's technology and resources... to increase your chances of a satisfactory outcome in your real estate endeavors.

That's what you want! Demand it!

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