Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Biggest? The Best? I'm Number One?

First let me apologize for being off the blog thing for a while. True enough I've been busy. But not so busy that I couldn't take a few moments to air my views and two cents. And a few people have emailed me with stuff like, "Hey Staples! Didja run outta things to say???" I have not, and doubt that I ever will run out of things to say... might repeat myself, but I will always have something to say.

But today I want to ask YOU a question. Get YOUR opinion.

I work for one of the nation's largest independent real estate firms. And we are the number one firm in the Capital Region.

So what?

I want to know what you think that does for anyone. Does it make a difference in you deciding who to have helping you sell your house, or helping you to buy a house?

Seems every day in the paper and on billboards all over you and I see real estate agents professing to be the top Realtor, or the best agent, or Number one! They spend lots of money to get that message out too.

Here's what I think. And I do want you to email me a note at with your thoughts. But, here's what I think.

There are over 3,000 licensed real estate agents in the Greater Capital Association of Realtors, based in the Albany NY area. Some work for RealtyUSA.... some work for Prudential... some work for Foothills Realty. Some of these brokerage firms have 600 agents and some have 6... some have less. When an agent from the largest firm advises you to use them because they have the largest firm in the area are you going to? When an agent boasts that he has over 50 listings active on the market right now and he sold over 150 houses last year is that going to convince you to sign on with him?

I firmly believe that RealtyUSA has some exceptional real estate professionals. BUT... we aren't the only brokerage firm that has exceptional professionals. In fact, it is all together possible that the smallest real estate firm in the area has "the best" Realtor working for them!

Now, the one thing I can be sure of is that RealtyUSA, and most of the larger firms have more resources available to them in the form of marketing power, training, support services, etc. But there are many very good real estate agents out there working out of what some might refer to as boutique firms.

So let me know what you think....


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