Saturday, December 31, 2011

Don't let the pics fool ya!

In this day of technology we are finding that more and more people are looking at houses. And never leaving their house(apartment)!

Today's buyers want a link... a website... a URL... They want to "sneak" into your home without you knowing it. They want to take a look without inconveniencing you. So your Realtor hired a really good photographer/videographer to post your home to that wonderful resource, the internet.

Don't get me wrong here, because I absolutely LOVE the internet. But I have seen on more than one occasion a young couple walk into a house that they had seen pics on line and turn to me and say, "Wow! It looked a lot better than this on line!" But I have also heard this: "Wow. I wasn't sure I wanted to see this house based on the pictures, but you know what? I'm glad we came..."

You see my point right?

I think the best way for you to make a decision on a house is to GO LOOK AT IT. And don't eliminate it solely on the pics or video you saw on line. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Think about this. It's a big buy. You're not buying a stereo system or even a car. It's going to be your home! Your castle! You are going to be there every day for quite a while.

Take the time to go look. You don't have to stay a long time, but you might!

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Anonymous said...

This happened to me a few times while searching for apartments! Pictures I saw online made the places look great, but then when I went to see it- it was a DUMP! I completely agree: check out pictures online but don't judge it based on what you see there. You have to see it in person. Who knows, someone might have just photoshop-ed that picture to make it look brilliant :) You just have to go see for yourself.