Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wanna sell your house? CLEAN IT UP!

You know what houses are selling these days? The ones that shine!

I'm going to be pretty blunt here... I have seen some houses recently that don't show well. Reason is that the people who live in them are living like pigs! I mean, if you are not selling your house then you have the right to live how you want to. But if you have asked a Realtor to help you sell your house, you have to do your part. And that means cleaning it up. Seriously... underwear on the floor of the bathroom?! Wastebaskets chuck full that should have been emptied days ago! Smudge marks by light switches and cabinet handles. Toilets that look like Attila the Hun and his crew stopped in for a potty break! Dirty dishes on the counter and in the sink. Carpet that looks like it was installed when Henry Hudson sailed up the river! Windows that need Mr. Clean's attention. I've seen entry ways like porches that look like there had been an earthquake there! Kitchen drawers that won't open or close properly, or a hinge on the kitchen cabinet that is just barely hanging on. The seal on the kitchen refrigerator has so much gunk and mold in it that it actually stinks! Here's an easy one: a lightbulb out! Hard to fix?

OK.... do you get the point? You really need to clean the place up. You might even have to repair and/or replace things like broken closet doors or blinds ... Buck up! I'll tell you what. I feel so passionate about this that if you email me at sstaples@realtyusa.com and ask for it, I'll send you tips on things to do to get your house ready for showing. I mean it!

I'm telling you... the house needs to shine! Be tough on yourself! Clean it UP!

Cheers! -Steve

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