Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hmmm No tax credit after all...

As you may recall a few days ago I "jumped the gun".... (can we say that these days?) I have removed the post. Anyway, I was given enough information to feel confident that we would have an "up to 15% tax credit for purchasing a home in 2009".... Didn't get past the Senate. At this point (2/12/09) I'm not sure why. Our economy is still slated for several governmental manipulations designed to "stimulate" but it appears the house purchase portion will not be included. At least the banks and the large corporations who couldn't manage their business and possibly cost you serious money will get some assistance.

Sorry for the misinformation. If you rushed out and bought a house on my account, you are NOT going to get that 10% up to 15K credit. But you know what you will get? A place to live. A place to call your own. A place to work on. And maybe even some "standard" tax deductions. Good for you.

Here's to good government and freedom!


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