Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We're buyin'... BUT we're sellin' too!

When it comes time to "move up" to the next stage of home buying, the need to have a professional is even greater than before!

So, you have lived in this wonderful bungalow for seven years and you're gettin the itch to find a bigger palace! You've outgrown your first home. So what is the drill? How does this work?

Well, if you find the new house and make an offer to the sellers, and everything looks great... price, timing, etc... what happens when you tell them you have to sell your home first ? They are going to want to know a lot of different things. They have a right to... Is it currently on the market? How long? What price? Have you had any offers? What does it have? Can you buy this house without the funds from the sale of your house? Can you get a bridge loan? You need to be ready to answer these questions and project great confidence.

If you tell a seller that you are "going to sell it on your own" watch the look in their eyes. They aren't sure you know what you're doing... Believe me you've lost a little credibilty right there. And if you tell them you're "going to put it on the market", they will think to themselves... "oh boy... when?"

This is where a well poised real estate professional can get the job done. We are trained to keep this process together. And the thing is... it's never the same process. Each situation may require different approach and the trained real estate agent is equipped to analyze and execute the appropriate course of action.

So, go ahead and look. But be ready to answer questions. Be ready to show you mean business. Keep your Realtor informed, and follow their advice.

Good luck! Keep on Rockin!

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