Thursday, July 17, 2008

Buy The First House You See

You just might you know.

It's kind of funny. I will get a call from a young couple who say they want to buy a house. So, I invite them in to do a buyer consultation. They describe to me what they are looking for. I put together a list of homes for their consideration.

We look at their selections. Often the first one is their favorite. We look at the rest, they buy the first!

So here's the "little warning" I want to give to you. If that favorite house is the first one you look at, and if that favorite house just came on the market, and if your Realtor tells you it is a really good deal and won't last long.... well, you might be put in a dilemma. You know you want to look at other houses, but you become afraid this one won't be around when you get through the rest of the inventory.

It's a toughie. Depending on your relationship with your Realtor, you will need to make a decision. If you've done a really good job describing what you want in your new home, and if your Realtor is a full time agent who really knows the market, you can make a decision right there and be reasonably confident. Your Realtor may tell you that they see the market and it's inventory day in and day out... this is a great deal.

Now. Guess what? If you and your Realtor are blown away about what a great deal it is, do you think other folks will be feeling the same way? So can you see the writing on the wall? You will very likely be in a multiple offer situation.

I am going to blog on multiple offers next.

Stay cool!

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