Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cleaner is Better

You know, when you make an offer on the house that you want.... if you REALLY want it, the best offer is a full price cash offer with NO contingencies.

Right. BUT. We all know, most of the time that is not the best idea... or even practical. There are, and should be, many factors that affect your offer. Not the least being your Realtor's counsel on the true fair market value of the house. He or she should be assessing the value based on statistics (not emotion), and giving you guidance. Other factors may include financing limitations... geographical location... the need to sell your current home, etc.

So what I want to get to here is a trade off. If you need to impose conditions on your purchasing a home, you need to understand how it will be received by the seller. The more restrictions/conditions you put in the contract the more likely it will be that the seller will back away. But, what do you think has the best chance of overcoming that ? I'll help you here... money. The more conditions you impose, the higher your offering price should be. Most of the time.

Please understand that this is not a cookie-cutter process. There is no set in stone formula... but this approach I have just discussed with you is based on my experience and observation of what offers work, and what offers don't.

Have a great hot summer day!

Your friend in real estate.... Steve

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