Friday, June 27, 2008

2 family or a single family ?

You know, some people when they are starting out find that buying a two family home is the way to go. You own the home, and you have tenants that are helping to pay for it! The psychological problem is that it's like what you just came from... living in an apartment. But the nice thing about it is that YOU own it.

For financing, you can get pretty much the same terms as if you were purchasing a single family home. The lending institution will actually count a percentage of your projected income from rent to approve you for the mortgage. They won't count all of it, because realistically there will be vacancies.

It's a cool way to get started. Buy a two family to live in for a while, then later... after you've saved enough money, buy a single family home where you'll feel like it really is your own. Then you can rent the apartment you used to live in and "double" your income on your first house... or better.

Think about it. A good way to get started and maybe the beginning of another source of income for you.

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Steve, The Real Estate Guy said...

what about apartment buildings, like 10 units or more?