Monday, June 23, 2008

We don't like the location, but we can get it a real good price!

.... Be careful. I have seen buyers compromise for a "real good price". For example the house was located right on top of the off ramp of a major highway, but the price was too good to resist. Well, after a while that highway noise got old. And then they decided, "Forget it! We are going to sell." Or, it was pretty far away from where they worked, but, "gosh! such a good price!" One couple was wrestling on the decision to buy a house that was literally on the side of a hill... practically no back yard. The sellers had been having difficulty selling and were offering a great price. The buyers felt like they could "put up with" having essentially no yard. They later had kids... and guess what?... no yard for them to play in.

They all find out that in reality there are very few people who would make such a decision like they did. It was very difficult to sell their home... For all the reasons they knew existed when THEY bought it.

It's nice to get a deal, but think long and hard before you commit. Hopefully your agent will bring out these issues for you and, hey... if you decide to proceed... well, good for you. We've also seen folks buy houses like this and "live happily ever after"!!!!

Keep on keepin' on! Steve

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