Monday, June 16, 2008

I Saw A House At An Open House... Now what?

Lots of times your Realtor will suggest you peruse the Open House scene over the weekend. Some may go so far as to find out what's going to be open and send you on your way... and SOME say, "Let's all go!"

There really isn't any right or wrong way.

But let me make a suggestion here. If you are travelling about and stopping in at open houses without your agent... let the agent hosting the open house know you are working with someone. Why? Sometimes the person holding the open house is NOT the listing agent. They are actually there for two reasons. One, to hold the property open for the owner; but second to obtain leads on buyers. When you proclaim to the agent there on site that you are working with a fellow Realtor, they realize that you are not looking for buying help, you'd just like to view the property. A true professional will treat your courteously and not try to "hit on you".

This may be extremely important on a new construction site. Some builders have what are called pre-registration policies. These are policies imposed by the builder and their agent requiring that you declare who you are working with, or agree to be working with their agent.

Hmmmm... working with their agent. Sounds like you'd be trying to negotiate with the agent who is obligated to get the best terms possible for the builder. Remember... you want the agent to negotiate in YOUR best interests.

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