Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Do we HAVE to have a structural inspection?


But you really should. The inspector will look at everything from the roof, to the electric, to the foundation, to the heating system to the appliances. If there are any major issues you should know about it! Most contracts will allow you to resolve these issue within a short period of time before proceeding. Usually, if the issue cannot be resolved, you will be released from buying the house.

A Realtor would be foolish to suggest to you that you do NOT need a home inspection. Often a bank will require it. But my advice to you is that you really should have a structural inspection done.

Now, be aware that the only inspectors that can carry and authority have to be registered with the Department of State. If you have an inspector who is not registered with the Dept. of State do the inspection you may not be able to use their report within the confines of your contract.

I know a lot of these inspectors.... if you're looking for one or two names let me know...

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