Sunday, June 15, 2008

So Dad... what do you think?

First happy Father's Day!

I'm a dad. Got three wonderful kids. If you're a dad... enjoy em! They grow up fast!

So you want your dad to look at this house you're buying. My daughter gave me one of those wall thingies that reads, "The only man a girl can trust is her Daddy" Well, that does hold a lot of truths. But as I have said in previous blogs, you really need to trust your Realtor... father or mother, male or female.

But you want your dad to look at the house before you buy it. That happens quite a bit, and there is nothing wrong with that. But remember, dads come in all shapes and sizes... Some of them know a lot about houses and buildings and structures and some of them know nuttin!

It is very difficult for me to tell your dad he doesn't know or understand what he's talking about. Especially when I know he loves you so much and he means well. Heck, I'm a dad and I would imagine I would want to get in on the house buying process for my kids. But if they're buying a house in Etowah, Tennessee... well even thought I'm a Realtor... What do I know about house values in Etowah ? I'll probably tell my kid to trust the local pro!

So, my suggestion? If you want your dad's (and/or mom's) input... just keep it in perspective. And remember who is in this business all the time and has already promised you to give you their BEST advice...

Hey! Have a great Father's Day! And If your father's not around I hope you can take some time to have some wonderful thoughts about him!

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