Thursday, June 26, 2008

We saw an ad in the paper... we want to go look...

That's cool. Have your agent find out where it is. Then your agent will check out the rest of the information, even the listing history... like it was listed before by XYZ Realty for xxx dollars and was on the market for 357 days... yadda yadda yadda.

Your agent may even go so far as to do a study to see what other houses are for sale in that area and give you an idea of what the typical sale price has been.

But here's the BIG THING. Don't have your Realtor set up an appointment if you have not driven through the neighborhood, or you are not familiar with the neighborhood.

Picture this.... you call your agent... your agent calls the listing agent.... sets up an appointment for Sunday morning at 10:30 am.... Sunday morning it snows like you-know-what... you get shovelled out... your agent shovels out... the people who live in the house, they get up early, get their kids piled into the car... and leave. You drive up and see your agent there and say, "No... I can't live in this neighborhood." or "I don't want to go in, I don't like this house already."

Let's count the number of people that were "put out", including yourself, to arrange for this. Not cool.

So, do your homework.... either drive by OR be already familiar with the hood.

Now, if this does happen to you... go in. Courtesy look. That way the sellers who had to accomodate your appointment can be told that the house was shown and the buyers were going to keep on looking. And then the agent who listed the house can ask your agent what his/her opinion was, so they can give feedback to the sellers.


I mean we're nice people right? Golden Rule type stuff.

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