Saturday, June 28, 2008

Showing EVERYHTING! ...and I mean E V E R Y T H I N G !!!!

Instead of giving you ideas, I thought I'd tell you this story about what happened one time when I was showing this family houses.

I had set up a few houses to look at. That means I called the real estate agent's office and arranged to show the house at a certain time. This one happened to be about 10 a.m. on a Saturday. They told me the owner would be gone so they provided me with a key for entry.

We drive up to the house and I see a pickup truck in the drive. I was told that the owner would not be home, but as is customary we always ring the doorbell and kinda yell "Anybody home??? Hello???"

So this family, two adults and two kids, a boy and a girl, like 10 and 8, follow me into the house. It's a colonial style house so all the bedrooms are upstairs... we look around the first floor for a bit and then proceed to the second floor. Now, this is a little different, but I've seen it before... all the bedroom doors are closed. So we start at he first one in the hallway.. and work our way down. The last one was the master bedroom. So I open the door and start to enter and lo and behold here is a guy laying on his back - starked naked - spread eagle! So I immediately start backing up... the family kinda running into me! "There's someone in here!" I whisper loud enough to get my point across! I think the kids might have gotten a glimpse... but it was pretty weird!

We leave.

The agent who listed the house calls me later and asked me how the showing went. I told her that we walked in on the guy! I asked her if she had told him we were coming! She said she had, and that he knew, but he had done a double shift, as he is a ranger with the Adirondack Park Agency... he came home exhausted... went into the master bath to take a shower... laid down on his bed to close his eyes for "just a minute" and apparently fell into a deep sleep! He was a little embarrassed.

My folks didn't buy the house!

Have a great Saturday!

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