Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Man! We looked at 15 houses today!

You know, as a Realtor I have shown a lot of people a lot of houses! And many times it was a family or a client from out of town. When they are in from out of town, it's a whole different scene. You really put the buyers through a lot, because usually their time is limited! So, I have had a Saturday and a Sunday where I have shown them 30 houses!

Not the best way.

Realistically, you should look at no more than six houses a trip with your Realtor. In fact after each one, you may want to write down notes and thoughts so you don't, later, get them all mixed up! But looking at more than six houses at a time can be pretty tiring. And then guess what? Everyone starts to get a little ornery. Yup. Especially if you haven't found the "right one".

As I said... you are coming in from out of town... you're under the gun, time-wise... it is what it is. then we pour it on.

But, you know what they say.... "You should never go to the grocery store when you're hungry."... you should probably not be trying to buy a house under the pressure of time!

So, talk it over with your Realtor... Go in understanding your situation and plan on looking at a number of houses accordingly.

But my suggestion? 4-6 houses today... 4-6 tomorrow. You'll feel better.

Rock & Roll!

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