Saturday, June 14, 2008

CAN'T FIND THE RIGHT HOUSE? Buy one that's NOT for sale!

I mean it. I've done it a few times.... I'll tell my clients, drive around to places where they think they'd like to live. Call me and tell me about the houses they saw and the ones they think they'd like to own. I find out who owns it... what it has to offer and I either call or write, or both! Often I get a phone call back. Sometimes telling me their house is NOT for sale. Sometimes telling me, "Hey, Steve! We actually were thinking about selling!" I also have gotten a couple of calls where the people told me that they were not selling, but they knew of someone else who was thinking about it!

It's not easy for a buyer to do, but your Realtor can do it for you! Don't believe me???!!! Let's try it out! If you are looking in the Albany area, email me at and I'll get you started!

Keep on rockin'! Steve

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